About us

We provide excellent simulation software, support and service and we enable engineers to be focused on their process without taking care of the numerical implementation. We help our customers to be successful by using our professional software and at the same time to reduce their development time and costs. Of course we pay attention to each customers' special needs, especially for required services.

NOGRID GmbH is a young and innovative company with revolutionary technologies. Our team consists of highly qualified employees, the most of them hold a Ph.D. We are experts in fields such as numerical simulation or computational fluid dynamics.

Our customers are leading technical enterprises or universities, such as ARC International, AGC, Audi,  Bayer, Corning, Faurecia, O-I, Gerresheimer, Glass Service, GM, Heinz Glas, Heraeus, Heye, Krauss Maffai, LG, Opel, Saint-Gobain, Schott AG, Sisecam, Stoelzle, Umicore, Vetropack, VW, to mention only a few. A wide range of industries is represented by our customers: glass, plastics, chemical industry, mechanical engineering or plant construction, medical technology and automotive engineering.

"At our company, NOGRID points became the standard tool for modeling glass hot forming processes in a very short time. The ease of handling complex flow geometries with free surfaces is unrivaled. With NOGRID points, I could tackle several challenging modeling tasks, which I consider virtually impossible with any other software. Moreover, the very competent and fast support from NOGRID is outstanding."
(Ulrich Lange, Ph. D., Senior Scientist, Schott AG)

NOGRID's products are sold worldwide. We are supported by experienced international distributors, such as Pera Global in China.
NOGRID started in the year of founding with a new, unique CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software for the simulation of flows: NOGRID points  based on FPM (Finite Pointset Method). This FPM method has been developed before at the Fraunhofer-Insitute in Kaiserslautern and has been intensively extended and validated since then and is of course used at many companies.

In the meantime we have put a second new and professional CFD software product on the market: NOGRID pointsBlow is the only software worldwide that is able to simulate the process of container glass forming in an absolute professional way by showing the results in full 3 D.

In addition to our software products NOGRID offers a variety of services in the area of modeling for the simulation of flows. As a competent service provider and reliable partner NOGRID responds to the individual requirements of its clients.