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Automotive Polyurethane (PUR) Foam Simulation of a Dashboard

Automotive polyurethane (PUR) foam simulation of a dashboard can perfectly be performed with our CFD software NOGRID points. The software can help to understand the flow inside the cavity. It can show the entrapment of air, the foam density distribution of the isolation material and the pressure of the PUR foam acting on the cavity.


PUR foam simulation of any conceivable dashboard geometry

NOGRID unites abilities to handle free surface flow and moving parts in the domain and allows the simulation of any conceivable dashboard geometry and operation modes such as

  • polyurethane (PUR) injection by one or more inlets,
  • moving of the mixing head,
  • free definable polyurethane (PUR) properties by equations or curves,
  • large car dashboard geometries with small gaps or cutouts and
  • open or closed molds including moving of the top mold (plunger).


Rapid preprocessing and very short computation time

NOGRID's particular strengths are the rapid preprocessing (no grid needs to be generated) and the outstandingly short computation time even for complicated cavities.

Automotive polyurethane (PUR) foam simulation dashboard

Figure 1: Simulation of an automotive dashboard: polyurethane (PUR) foam injection using a fix inlet.

Shortly after injection the effect of gravity can be seen (Geometry: Faurecia Interior Systems).