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Simulation of Glass Spinning

The simulation of glass spinning can perfectly be performed with our CFD software NOGRID points. Centrifugal casting is one of the numerous methods of glass makers for the fashion of glass pieces. The glass is poured into a graphite mold which is mounted on a centrifuge. Once the desired amount of glass is poured into the mold, the mold is set spinning. The centrifugal force causes the glass to rise up the sides of the mold and to take the shape of the mold wall on its exterior side, while having a smooth interior wall.


CFD simulation glass spinning

Figure 1: Simulation of glass spinning - temperature distribution during a spinning process, computed with NOGRID points

Our meshless CFD software NOGRID points computes the real glass flow and the glass temperature distribution during the spinning step. Comparisons with various experimental data have shown the high precision of the simulation of this intricate flow process. The short computation time allows our customers incorporating the simulation into the design process to find an optimal design for the mold, thus saving time and effort in the design phase and increasing product quality.