New NOGRID pointsBlow software release 2.8.3

November 2017

We are pleased to announce that the release of  NOGRID pointsBlow 2.8.3 is available now, with amazing great new features.

See what's new:

  • Bug Fix: The meshing issue in our proprocessor Compass is fixed.

  • We have added an option to plot the point picker thickness along the bottle for a user-specified distance interval and a user-specified offset value.

  • The thickness in the XY plot of the container at the bottom plate can now be displayed in an unfolded mode. That means the Y axis of the container is changed to the X axis at the base line point of the container.

  • The point movement at user-specified locations can be plotted over the forming time. This allows to track and analyze the path of a certain volume over the forming time. Two options are available: points movement from time step Blank Open to the final state or point movement from Final Blow/Vacuum Blow to the last time step.

  • The User can insert time dependent curves and equations for heat transfer coefficients (HTC) now.

  • The blow height for the final blow is now equal to the distance from the blow mold bottom center to the glass parison.

  • Time synchronization has been revised. The saving and synchronization time is now connected to the given IS machine times. Containers with the same IS machine times should have exactly the same time history. This makes the comparison for different mold designs easier. Furthermore the time step size during synchrinization is not reduced anymore and the computation time is shorter for that reason.