New NOGRID pointsBlow software release 2.8.5

February 2018

The release of  NOGRID pointsBlow 2.8.5  is available now.

This is new:

  • New Feature: The thickness at the outer boundary of the container is now computed by using an exact tracing method (it measures the shortest distance to the inner boundary). The inner fluid points and also the inner container boundary still uses the old thickness definition (Poisson-Thickness).

  • Bug Fix: After running the CAD script to generate the gob mesh some edges were missing. This did happen especially if the aspect ratio gob length to gob diameter was too high.
  • Bug Fix: Error messages from the solver caused by license management issues are now displayed correctly again. In addition a message box appears if such an error occurs.

  • Bug Fix: Update VTK libraries to release 8.1.0 and fixed some chart representation bugs.

  • New Feature: Automatic point density computation, which leads to reduced computation times (optional)