New NOGRID pointsBlow software release 3.0.0

November 2018

The release of  NOGRID pointsBlow 3.0.0  is available now.

This is new:

  • New Feature DESIGN: Computes your blank shape within our software either manually or automatically

  • New Feature STRESS ANALYSIS: Computes and analyses the stresses within your container caused by internal pressure or head load.
  • New Tools Menu item: Delete all cases.
    This new menu item will delete all cases except the first one. This is helpful if for testing a huge number cases were generated and they will not be used any more.

  • Fixed: Output message improved in case of the license is expired

  • Fixed: Results view update does not reset the view anymore in case of a new time step is available

  • Fixed: The "blow height" feature (starts final blow if a certain distance to the bottom plate is reached) now uses the distance on center line from final mold to parison. This change was required because otherwise containers with a push-up bottom shape do activate the blow step much too early (sometimes immediately after invert or neckring open).

  • Fixed: The "Coloring Points" routine starts even if no case results are available (for instance the solver has stopped due to license issues)