Nogrid points release 6.7.3

April 2020

The release of  NOGRID points 6.7.3 is available now.

This is new:

NOGRID Solver 6.7.3

  • Keyword CHAMBER_move, specifies a general velocity offset within a chamber. The whole chamber will move according to the referenced move command, including boundary elements. If a MOVE_plunger command is referenced, the resulting velocity of the plunger will be added to the velocities in the chamber.

  • Move command MOVE_plunger. This keyword will internally start a fluid-structure interaction with specifications to be easily adapted to glass simulations.


NOGRID points GUI (Graphical User Interface)

  • In order to adjust the displayed point picker value accuracy, we've added an accuracy edit box to the Point picker object box. The User can set the accuracy displayed individual per picked point or for all picked points.

  • Fixed: The XYPlot save data button and the point picker save button launch a file open dialog instead of a file save dialog.


NOGRID preprocessor COMPASS

  • In any case where Mefisto-Mesher fails meshing a face, a fall back mesh is generated now which should always work.

  • In order to reduce the mesh size a mesh collapsing method was implemented. This method takes into account the face curvature and will reduce the number of triangles only within the face, so the line segmentation at the boundary will remain unchanged. This mesh collapsing method is currently applied only during saving the mesh. The User can enable/disable the method.