Nogrid pointsBlow release 3.2.5

April 2020

The release of NOGRID pointsBlow 3.2.5 is available now.

This is new:

NOGRID pointsBlow GUI (Graphical User Interface)

  • New: In order to increase the project loading speed the Design selection method is disabled by default. For using the User must select the selection method (automatic or manual) within the Design page.

  • Fixed: In case of full 3-D geometries the results were not emitted correctly to the Design page.This bug led to a crash of the app usually directly when the project was loaded or the first time the results were viewed.

  • New: Individual slip coefficients for plunger, blank mold and final mold introduced.

  • Fixed: Improved stability and accuracy for NNPB process in case of plunger movement is caused by force.

  • Fixed: Free surface point organization improved (small dents removed). 

  • Fixed: Temperature profile for plunger boundary condition could not be set concretely because the moved plunger position was not taken into account.

  • Fixed: Computation stopped during re-heating or final blow especially in 3-D and using high heat transfer coefficients together with the new Hybrid-P1 model.

  • Fixed: If the dimension of the case was 3-D-CLIP then the clip plane for the contour plane and the contour line of the container symmetry were not displayed. In addition the XY plot over the height of the container did not work as well (because it uses the contour lines).


NOGRID preprocessor COMPASS

  • In any case where Mefisto-Mesher fails meshing a face, a fall back STL mesh is generated now. Generating a STL mesh usually should always work.

  • In order to reduce the mesh size a mesh collapsing method was implemented. This method takes into account the face curvature and will reduce the number of triangles only within the face, so the line segmentation at the boundary will remain unchanged. This mesh collapsing method is currently applied only during saving the mesh. The User can enable/disable the method.

  • For execution COMPASS requires a running License Manager now. COMPASS will not consume a license, but it will check for a valid license.