New NOGRID pointsBlow release 2.3.10

New NOGRID pointsBlow release 2.3.10 available

2 December 2013

We are pleased to announce that the release NOGRID pointsBlow 2.3.10 is launched! The following new features are implemented:

  • Axis-symmetric modelling is now implemented. The user can alternate between 3-D and axis-symmetric computation by clicking on the corresponding radio button. The basis geometry (imported from the CAD) remains full 3-D. The software cuts the existing 3-D model in order to obtain the 2-D geometry for the axis-symmetric computation.
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  • In most cases it is reasonable to compute the 2-D cases with a higher resolution as in 3-D.

For that reason we introduced a section box in the top task bar in order to select the computing resolution.

  • We introduced a new geometrical part called FUNNEL. If the user gives boundary faces the name FUNNEL within the CAD software then this boundary part appears also during the simulation.
  • The purpose of the funnel is to compute the effect of decelerating and deforming of the gob due to the funnel walls.
  • To give users the possibility to study the effect of slipping within the blank mold and the blow mold as well,

       we introduced an additional edit box (Slip blow mold) for the setting of the slipping coefficient valid for the blow mold.

  • The default mold temperature was increased from 400 °C to 450 °C and the expert options are always active now (the previous possibility to set the temperature and the heat transfer coefficient simply by selecting a material was misleading).