New NOGRID points software release 6.3.0

June 2017

The release NOGRID points 6.3.0 is available now! With the new implemented great new features your simulation projects and optimization studies will deliver the best solutions.

That's new:

    1. The bubble detection algorithm has been completely revised. In detail, three parts were redesigned. The first concerns the bubble volume computation.The bubble volume is computed using the Gauss integral theorem which needs a surface mesh of all dry parts. The surface mesh as well as the integration routine itself has been improved in order to avoid volume fluctuations. The second redesigned part is the algorithm collecting connected surface/wall points which then define bubbles. The algorithm has been parallelized in order to make the bubble computation of large geometries possible at first. The third part concerns the treatment of bubble topology changes (split, merge). In comparison to the former version, it is now possible to handle arbitrary complex topology changes, e.g. combinations of splits and merges simultaneously with several involved bubbles.
    2. SAVE_timelist allows to provide a list of time values at which to synchronise and store results.

    3. SYNC_time defines a time at which the solver must synchronise the time.