New NOGRID pointsBlow software release 2.8.0

June 2017

The release of  NOGRID pointsBlow 2.8.0 is available now! We have implemented great new features ensuring you the best solutions for your glass simulation projects and optimization studies.

See what's new:

  • The result file format has changed from ASCII format to BINARY format. This reduces the files size and makes reading and writing faster.
  • Plot over time dialog has been implemented. Within this dialog the User can display the heat loss over time, the center of gravity over time, the force acting on the plug, the plug position and the plug velocity over time and finally the mass conservation, volume conservation and the time step size over time. The data can be exported to the csv file format or can be saved as an image in the png format.
  • Non-round gob geometry is available again.
  • Plunger (PLUG) force driven movement has been implemented.The movement of the plug is prescribed by the given force or by a given time-position curve. In case of the User would like to compute the plug position depending on the acting forces, a plunger pressure p and a plunger (or piston) diameter d must be specified. Internally the force applied on the plunger is f = p*d. The velocity of the plunger is a result of the computation and depends on the pressure and on the viscosity of fluid.
  • The Units system (default is the metric system or SI units) can now be changed to the Imperial system (or English units).
    The settings dialog can be found in the menu->Edit-Preferences. If the glass density is changed then the gob geometry file and the geometry view is rebuilt automatically.
  • The User can read and save the temperature profile for the moulds (blank mould, blow mould and plunger) from or to a file.The file format is csv format.
  • Case report has been revised and does now include all parameters used for the computation.
  • Case comparing tool has been revised and all parameters and conditions are considered now.
  • Save Project As introduced:
    If the User would like to save the project as a new project the content of the project is copied to a new folder and a new project name can be applied.
    The CFD results data will not be copied in that case. This feature is helpful in case of exchanging a project with others without of transferring the results data.