New NOGRID points software release 6.2.0

February 2017

The release NOGRID points 6.2.0 is available now! We implemented great new features ensuring you the best solutions for your simulation projects and optimization studies.

That's new:

  1. A Bingham-Herschel-Bulkley viscosity model with a smoothing ansatz by Papanastasious has been implemented.
  2. Smoothing of the smoothing length in some H_adaptGeo setups during initial point filling has been accelerated and requires less demanding now.
  3. A semi-implicit scheme for the bubble algorithm for the vp- solver has been implemented. It replaces a computationally expensive and less stable predictor-corrector scheme. Additionally a new keyword BND_free_bubble has been added to simplify the setup of a model with bubbles.
  4. For (almost) isolated free surface points in narrow underresolved gaps the adjacent wall boundary condition is used to effectively close off those gaps. Otherwise local high velocities might appear bringing down time step size and increasing computation time.

  5. The loading of previous computation results given in Ensight format (either wall points or a volume point cloud) via assign has been repaired. The setting of initial data according to the loaded data has been improved (nevertheless, the new simulation should not decrease the smoothing length/increase the point density significantly in comparison to the previous simulation whose data are loaded).