Nogrid points release 6.7.0

August 2019

The release of  NOGRID points 6.7.0 is available now.

This is new:

NOGRID Solver 6.7.0

  • New: An EVALUATE statement has been introduced, which expands the INTEGRATION statement by adding scalar surface integrals, minima, maxima and average computations. It also adds the ability to evaluate single equations (for example to write custom time integration formulas, see VALUE keyword below). For backwards compatibility, the INTEGRATION keywords are still available.
  • New: Process values determined by an EVALUATE statement (integrals, minima, maxima, averages and equations) are accessible in equations via a new function VALUE. For example this can be used to control boundary conditions by amount of mass flowed in at an inflow, or by maximal height of the fluid etc. For an example see tutorial11, which has been extended by VALUE controlled boundary conditions and time step size.
  • New: A new smoothing length definition H_boundary has been added. It measures the distance to points with a given boundary condition and applies a fine resolution depending on the distance.
  • New: A new smoothing length definition H_func has been added. It applies a smoothing length distribution depending on a user given function.
  • New: Contact conditions to radiosity model Hybrid-P1 model have been added to simulate the contact with an opaque material or with a second Hybrid-P1 material.
  • New: The CPU usage time is displayed for each time step by default now (for the format description see Input/Output)
  • New: List of functions supported within equations has been complemented (among others inverse hyperbolic functions, atan2, Bessel functions and rounding). For a full list see equations.
  • Optimization: Computation time of bubble management and related point organization has been improved.
  • Optimization: Reduction of initial pointset has been accelerated. Additionally progress output of expensive projection routines during initialization for large cases has also been added.
  • Fixed: Recently introduced bug causing a segmentation fault in the bubble solver has been removed.


NOGRID points GUI (Graphical User Interface)

  • The FPMMessages file was cleared if the project was opened. Now the FPMMessages file will be cleared only if the computation starts.
  • The User can specify the number of CPU cores to be used during the computation within the preferences dialog (Menu->Help->Preferences)
  • In the Output page of the GUI the following information were added for each time step:
    1) Number CPU cores used
    2) CPU usage time
    3) Average CPU usage time per time step
  • We've removed the option to switch between GUI mode and TEXT mode. In the current release only the text mode is provided and the Model page is shown by default.


NOGRID preprocessor Compass

  • Face meshing improved:
    In case of using Mefisto-Mesh - "Average mesh size": The boundary edge mesh size now also depends on the curvature of the boundary edge. In previous releases the edge segmentation was simply done by dividing the edge by the given average mesh size (number of edge segments = edge length / average mesh size).
  • New: Child faces of a face splitting operation do have the same orientation as the mother face.