Neue NOGRID points Version 6.1.0

27. Juni 2016

Wir freuen uns, Ihnen mitteilen zu können, dass die neue Version NOGRID points 6.1.0 verfügbar ist!

In dieser Version wurde den Themen Stabilität und Fehlerbehandlung wieder besondere Aufmerksamkeit geschenkt. Wie immer können Sie alle neuen Implementierungen, Änderungen und Bug-Fixes in der Online-Hilfe unter den jeweiligen Release Notes nachlesen.

Hier eine kurze Liste der Neuerungen:

  • Fully automatic adjustment of the finite point density to the geometry and to the thickness of the fluid including detection of gaps and small parts.
  • VRML format was implemented as a new output format usage within the keyword SAVE_format.
    The VRML (short for Virtual Reality Modeling Language) is a standard file format for representing three dimensional vector graphics. Accordingly it is only available for three dimensional models. In FPM the VRML format has been extended to additionally store data describing the transient nature of typical flow simulations as well as physical data specified by SAVE_ITEM and SAVE_ITEM_BE statements.
  • Dry Run for boundary elements was implemented. This launches a dry run over the given time period considering all move and active statements. This new feature helps to check if all boundary movements are correct and if the boundary elements are activated or deactivated at the right time.
  • Inflow boundaries during simulation can now be activated during simulation.
  • The recently added support for a coupled pressure-density model has been further improved.

Weiterhin können Sie alle NOGRID points-Features in der Technical Specification List oder im Produktartikel nachlesen.