The tool for our simulation service is our simulation software NOGRID pointsBlow that was developed especially for the container glass industry. It simulates the glass forming processes of container glass in full 3D. For customers from the glass industry, who don’t want to practise simulation by themselves due to lacks of time or resources, our simulation service for forming processes of container glass  is a great chance. The customers can benefit from the advantages of simulation without investing in a NOGRID pointsBlow license and a highly qualified staff. At the same time they receive quick and solid results for their problems and challenges within a reasonable price range.

We offer the following kinds of services:

a) Service with optimization 

  • Optimization of the blank mold design 
  • Container weight optimization
  • Finding of the optimal IS machine times

b) Service without optimization

  • Simulation of glass containers (computation service with known container weight, IS machine data and geometry)

You will receive the following results:

a) For services with optimization (depending on the ordered kind of optimization service):

  • Blank mold design shape - graphic and a STEP file
  • Optimal container weight and corresponding optimal blank mold design shape
  • Optimal IS machine times

b) For services without optimization

  • Shape of the parison and of the container and blank marker trajectory
  • Temperature distribution
  • Thickness distribution
  • Pressure distribution
  • Velocity

The simulation results are shown in time steps - for each time step of the production process of the container. We provide a complete technical report with 3D views.

NOGRID has many years of experience and a great knowledge about glass. By making use of our service, our customers enjoy the following benefits:

  • Competent service with a reliable partner
  • Solving of difficult flow modeling problems in a faster time to solution
  • Covering of human resource constraints in simulation projects
  • No investment in in-house resources, software and hardware
  • Contractual delivery time and results quality

NOGRID stands for competent services and reliable partnerships. We help you to find solutions. Call us or write us an email if you have any questions regarding our services. We are pleased to make an individual offer for you.

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