Nogrid pointsBlow release 4.0.0

June 2023

The release of  NOGRID pointsBlow 4.0.0 is available now.

This is new:

NOGRID Solver 6.9.0

  • In case the group PF_SPEC was used the simulation crashed.

  • Move plunger by force improved:

    - for 3-D-Clip geometry the force depends on the revolving angle
    - FSI (fluid structure interaction) saving data corrected

  • Now the User can compute the solid mold temperature within the mold page and couple this simulation result with container forming simulation.
    mold temperature computationFigure 1:  Steady-State mold temperature computation

    Coupled conatiner forming simulation (glass and solid molds)Figure 2:  Coupled container forming simulation (multi-phase simulation glass and solid metal)

  • In order to manage files within the project directory the User now can quickly open the file explorer or file manager by clicking on the file explorer button in the info manager dialog.
    Opening File Exploprer in CaseInfoManager Dialog
  • The GUI will display a warning if group names are missing or wrong.






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