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What is NOGRID points?

NOGRID points, based on FPM (Finite Pointset Method), is a meshless CFD software package for simulation tasks in the wide area of flow and continuum mechanical problems. NOGRID points is a grid-free or mesh-free method which, in contrast to classical numerical methods, such as Finite Elements or Finite Volumes, does not require a grid or mesh. NOGRID points can excellently be applied in the case of all problems, where grid-based methods reach their limits due to the necessary remeshing. Examples are fluid dynamical problems with free surfaces, multiphase flows, fluid-structure interactions with a strong change of the computing domain, or structure mechanical problems with substantial structure changes.

What about the typical computation time in comparison to the FE-method?

The computation time strongly depends on the CFD model and on the accuracy of the results. Thus a general statement is difficult to give but our experience is as follows: The computation time for applications including free surfaces or moving parts is 1 to 10 times faster than FEM (especially in 3D) and for applications without moving parts and without free surfaces it is 1 to 2 times slower than FE-methods.


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