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We develop professional flow simulation software (CFD software, fluid or flow analysis software) with solutions for the wide area of numerical flow simulation and continuum mechanical problems. That's our business and our passion. Our software contains the physical modeling capabilities needed to model fluid flow, heat transfer, mass transfer or chemical reaction by using a meshless method.

Which products does NOGRID offer and which is the right for you?

Currently we offer two CFD software products and we are sure that you won’t find any comparable products in the market:


Figure 1: Flow simulation software products (CFD) from NOGRID

NOGRID points is our general-purpose code with a breadth of applications

  • Fluid flow analysis (CFD)
  • Thermal analysis
  • Stress and dynamics analysis
  • SSI and FSI simulation
  • Optimization of your product or process


NOGRID pointsBlow is a simulation software tool that was developed especially for the container glass and tableware industry and it can compute the entire glass container forming processes in full 3-D.

What can NOGRID Flow Simulation Software do for you?

Reliable industrial processes speak for themselves and are responsible for a company’s success. For processes like the PUR foaming (for example in car dashboards or refrigerators), the fluid flow in mixing vessels or extruders (for example in food production) or the production of container glass (for example wine bottles) the fluid flow performance plays an important role for success. As designs are complex there are many different factors that can be important in fluid flow applications. By CFD simulation with a sophisticated and professional software you can simulate your process performance considering relevant parameters: Using NOGRID’s numerical flow simulation software (or fluid flow analysis software) enables you to predict, analyze and control the fluid flow, heat and mass transfer or chemical reaction so that you can optimize your process performance and receive the basis for better design decisions. NOGRID flow simulation software is a meshless tool with amazing flexibility, accuracy, reliability and robustness. It delivers high quality results for a wide range of fluid flow applications.

Which is the main advantage of NOGRID software?

Our strength is the rapid preprocessing as our software is based on meshless methods – there is no need to create meshes for the models. This leads to an outstandingly short modeling time even for complicated models so that you save a lot of time in comparison to mesh based CFD software products. The meshless method is strong in case of computing moving parts or in case of computing complex free surfaces.

Why choose NOGRID?

Additional to testing and experimentation NOGRID flow simulation software helps to improve the evaluation of your design and to increase the success of your industrial process. To learn how the fluid flow will behave and how certain industrial processes or process steps are working lets your knowledge grow from simulation to simulation – you receive a better understanding of your processes and this better understanding leads to tremendous savings in manufacturing costs and time while ensuring a final product of high quality. By simulation you receive better construction and operation parameters, increasing planning security and money savings due to faster time to the market for your product.

 fluid flow in an extruder

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